What Abuses Was Kausthub Desikachar Accused Of? It’s a Long and Shocking List. #YogaPredator

Here is a sample of what multiple students alleged that Kausthub Desikachar had repeatedly done:

met with female students in his hotel room while in his underwear

kissing female students on the lips in public places.

inappropriately touched female students… saying ‘if there is anything that she needs to talk about, they can visit him in his hotel room later that night.’

– repeatedly made inappropriate, lewd, sexually offensive jokes in public and in private.

– talked openly (to students) of receiving massages while having his genitals held.

exploited certain female students through acts of intimacy and sexuality.

purchased sexy lingerie for the wife of a student and had it shipped overseas to her.

– displayed nude photography to female students.

– asked female students to withhold information from their spouses.

– inappropriately shared the private and confidential matters of most of his students

intimidated students and staff by shouting at them, even calling certain students ‘F***ing A**holes’, etc.

– repeatedly lied about who has received KHYF certification.

And there is a lot more.

Here is another sample report, one of many:

“A woman living in Germany is a long-term student of his, who got close to many teachers and also family members of Kausthub. He has been repeatedly grabbing her grossly, forcing his tongue into her mouth, twisting her arm, saying she has a lot of problems and he can only help her if he can penetrate her.”

He promises her that it will be good for her to sleep with him, because he would give her the ring of Krishnamacharya to wear during the intercourse.”

“During a study tour of Mysore with his “Sanga” group, whilst they are all gathered in the Parakala Mutt, the holy centre associated with Sri Krishnamacharya’s biography, he gives her the ring and asks her to sexually unite with him. Since she continuously refuses to comply, he begins screaming that she is frigid and cannot relieve her problems if she doesn’t reveal her warmth to him.”

Similar abuses were alleged to have happened again and again over years, witnessed by multiple teachers and students.

If reports of sexual abuse at the highest and public level are swept aside with little scrutiny, how will ordinary students and teachers feel safe in the yoga field?

Help support truth and ethics in modern yoga.

Strength in numbers helps the abused to speak up.

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