We are a group who have benefited from a spectrum of yoga traditions and practices, particularly the teachings of Krishnamacharya, TKV Desikachar, and Viniyoga.

We have been affected by the misconduct of Kausthub Desikachar, the ethics at KHYF, power imbalances, guru obeisance, and cult-like attitudes. Many others have been as well.

We have listened to reports of abuse that are reliable in our view. If you have had similar experiences, know that you are not alone. We encourage you to report it on this blog and share it publicly if you can. Bring light to remove darkness.

Abuse takes place in a pattern involving power, ego, silence, and deception.

One reason abuse goes unchecked is because it takes a long time for people to bring the pieces together. Each person who experiences some abuse takes it to be only an incident or two.

Another reason is that abusers can often be charming or charismatic. “It cannot be him, he was so nice,” or some variation of that is a common refrain.

But, once we see the larger pattern over time, we being to connect the dots. Still, it often takes years of repetitions by the abuser before the people come together and act to stop it.

Developments in 2017-2018 have given us strength and impetus to step forward.

With the #MeToo and #AhimsaNow movements, we hope it is easier for people to see the patterns that support abuse and the incidents of abuse. And for victims to find support to stop it.

This blog relies on public sources—what we quote has been on the internet for some years now, and in publications, speeches, and emails from Kausthub Desikachar and others.

Nothing on this website is “made up” by us.

All we ask is that you see for yourself the pattern around Kausthub Desikachar and KHYF over years.

Once we see the typical patterns of power, abuse, silencing, and more, it is hard to miss. Whether it is East or West, Hollywood or yoga, some patterns don’t change.

We are not doing this to harm Kausthub, KHYF, or its students. We are doing it from higher intentions; we have seen these development for some years, and we feel someone has to bring these issues to light. We have nothing personally to gain by the time and effort we spend on this. We are not paid to do this.

It is dharma – ethics and duty – to step up and keep the yoga field clean of abuse and scandal as much as each of us can. Every profession does this. Every person should do this, especially those who practice and teach yoga.

Yoga does not belong to one individual.


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